At this time, we are operating on a first come first served basis. Please walk in to place an order. Delivery is available through SKIP THE DISHES. Only one person is allowed inside the restaurant at a time, as we are doing our very best in implementing social distancing. Once you have ordered, please wait outside and we will notify you when your food is ready. The health of our customers as well as our staff is our biggest priority. 

Limited hours are from 3:00-7:00 Tuesday - Saturday (CLOSED SUNDAY and MONDAY).

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are happy to serve you during this difficult time. 

Harry's Fish & Chips is a family owned and operated restaurant that has been on the Hamilton Mountain since 1982. We offer both eat in and take out options. The light crispy fish and golden french fries will satisfy that craving for fish and chips and keep you coming back.
“The batter can't be beat!”


**upgrade your fries to a poutine or onion rings for $3.49


(Every order is served with 5 oz of fish and homemade tartar sauce)

Halibut & Chips        $14.83

Haddock & Chips     $9.64

Alaskan & Chips       $7.40


Halibut Only             $13.46

Haddock Only          $ 7.62

Alaskan Only            $6.06

Fish on a Kaiser       $10 


Captain’s Platter & Chips   $14.99

(5 oz of Haddock & Chips served with either 1 order of shrimp OR 1 order of clams OR 1/2 an order of shrimp and 1/2 an order of clams)

Chicken Fingers & Chips    $9.77

Chicken Fingers Only         $8.44

(4 Chicken Fingers served with a side of plum sauce)

Shrimp & Chips                   $9.26

Shrimp Only                         $7.92

(7 breaded shrimp served with a side of seafood sauce)

Clams & Chips                     $9.57

Clams Only                           $8.23

(Clam strips served with a side of seafood sauce)

Scallops & Chips                  $12.86

Scallops Only                       $11.53

(8 breaded scallops served with a side of seafood sauce)



Small Fries           $ 2.67

Large Fries           $ 3.59

Pickles                    $4.99  

(6 battered, fried pickles with a side of ranch sauce)

Fried Mushrooms    $5.35    

(14-17 battered, fried mushrooms with a side of ranch sauce)

Onion Rings          $4.99

Poutine                  $6.17

Haddock Bites & Chips $4.99

Haddock Bites Only  $3.99

(fresh pieces of haddock, battered and fried served with homemade tartar sauce)

Mushy Peas: 

Small                       $1.10

Large                       $1.49


Small                     $0.99

Large                     $1.49

Creamy Coleslaw:

Small                     $1.10

Medium               $1.75

Large                    $3.15


Coconut Cream Pie           $2.99

Lemon Meringue Pie        $2.99

Apple Pie                            $2.99

Small Ice-cream                   $3.66

Large Ice-cream                   $4.00

(Vanilla with either chocolate or caramel sauce)

Ice-cream Float                    $4.99

(Vanilla with coke, Pepsi, root beer, sprite, orange, cream soda)

*add ice-cream to your slice of pie for $1.99*


Can of pop                          $1.50

Chocolate or white milk     $2.29

Coffee or Tea                       $1.75

Cranberry or apple juice    $2.29

Domestic Beer                    $4.99

Imported Beer                     $5.99

Glass of Wine (8 oz)           $5.99

Contact Us

Harry's Fish and Chips

1138 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton, ON

(905) 383-0074



By Appointment

Monday              3:00-7:00

Tuesday             3:00-7:00

Wednesday        3:00-7:00

Thursday            3:00-7:00

Friday                 3:00-7:00

Saturday             3:00-7:00

Sunday                Closed